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Hey there, my name is Logan Shippy. 

On behalf of my partners Tim Branyan and Chris Beatty, I wanted to welcome you and thank you for visiting this page today!

You are here for a reason!

Look, I fully believe in the law of attraction. When my partners and I co-founded Media Rocket Pro (our parent company) we had the sole focus of positively impacting the lives and income of entrepreneurs around the globe.

I believe that's what led you here today. 

Listen, I have the unique ability to attract awesome people who are motivated to be successful in life and business.

I'd bet money that you think you're pretty awesome... right? Of course you are!

Sure, you may have been referred here by someone you trust.

Or possibly you arrived here by what seemed like "pure chance" after clicking on a link that you found from a friend of a friends friend on Instagram™ or Facebook™. 

But I can assure you that you're here today because you're meant to be here.

You're here today because you need help!

And I've got just what you need.

You see...
There's Never Been An Easier Time To Generate More Leads From FREE TRAFFIC Than At This Very Moment!

Right now Instagram™ is turning into a social media powerhouse with a user base that is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Take a look at this timeline of Instagram's™ user growth and judge for yourself....
  • October 6, 2010 – Launch
  •  February 26, 2013 – 100 million; 28 months 
  •  March 25, 2014 – 200 million; 13 months 
  •  December 10, 2014 – 300 million; 9 months 
  •  September 22, 2015 – 400 million; 9 months 
  •  June 21, 2016 – 500 million; 9 months 
  •  December 15, 2016 – 600 million; 6 months 
  •  April 26, 2017 – 700 million; 4 months
Now here's a couple things I want to point out.

It took just two years for IG™ to double its user base from 300 Million to 600 Million users.

What's insane is that growth compared to what's happening TODAY actually looks slow.

In the first four months of 2017 the user base grew by 100 Million new users. 

That's a rate of 300 Million users per year which is double what it was just a year ago.


The fact of the matter is this...
One Billion Users Is Definitely In The Near Future For Instagram™ And That Means Big Opportunity
For SMART Entrepreneurs Like YOU!
Now, you might be thinking "One Billion users is cool and all, but how does that actually help me generate more leads and sales for FREE?"

I'm glad you asked... 😉

Not only is Instagram™ now more than DOUBLE the size of Twitter™

Not only has Instagram™ completely crushed the growth rate of Snapchat™

It also has the highest ENGAGEMENT rates out of any social media platform on the planet.

Have you ever made a post on your Facebook™ page and it was so quiet you could hear the crickets chirping all around you?

Yea it sucks and it's actually pretty embarrassing! 😳

Well, you'll be happy to know that Instagram™ has engagement rates that blow Facebook™ out of the water.

Take a look...
Even with a small following, you'll begin generating engagement the minute you click post. 

Just make sure you're using relevant hashtags so users can find your content. 

But we don't just want "Likes & Follows" right? 

The last time I checked, you can't deposit a like or a new follower into your bank account, right?

That said, because Instagram™ lets you see all your competitors, influencers, publications, and industry brands followers.... You can engage with those TARGETED users.

In fact, because Instagram™ users are so engaged, they become raving FANS.

Take a look at this chart from YotPo that shows the average time users spend on a businesses website after arriving from several popular social media platforms.
When Someone Visits Your Website From Instagram™ They Stay Longer Than ANY OTHER Traffic Source
That's why this is so exciting.

The traffic you get from IG™ actually CONVERTS.

These people LOVE you and your business to the point they want to know everything about you.

This is an absolute Gold Mine!

And the best part is... the traffic is 100% FREE

The only question you need to ask yourself is...

"How do I get more of it"
There Are 4 Critical Strategies You MUST IMPLEMENT If You Want More Free Traffic To Your Offers!
  •  Targeted Engagement: You must always like photos and comment on the photos of your targeted prospects. You can do this by finding your competitors, or other people / businesses in your niche and clicking on their followers. This gives you a TARGETED list of prospects to engage with.
  • Focused Content Theme: Think about your target audience. What are the things that they are interested in? Make sure you post relevant content so the new followers you gain stick around and actually become interested in whatever you're selling. Are you an Entrepreneur? Lifestyle photos and videos work great. Are you a real estate professional? Interior and exterior photos of homes get great engagement.
  •  Proper Hashtag Srategy: Think of a hashtag as a simple "filtering" tool. It's an easy way for your target audience to find your content without initially knowing who you are. The optimal amount of hashtags to have on each post is between 9 and 12. A quick shortcut to finding hashtags is to find those influencers and brands in your niche / business and look at their content. Either in the post caption or the first comment you'll find a plethora of hashtags that you can start implementing on your own posts.
  •  Clear Calls To Action: You must look at the content you post and ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish? Don't assume that people know what to do next. If you want a like, tell them to click like. Want a comment or a DM (direct message)... tell them to leave you one. If you're trying to get free traffic to your website / offer, direct people to click the link in your bio and they will.
If you focus on those 4 strategies every single day, you'll get better results than 99% of businesses trying to make Instagram™ work.

But I must warn you!

Consistency is the #1 factor in getting predicable results from IG™

The problem most entrepreneurs have is they are BUSY.

They simply don't have the time to hang out all day following, liking, and commenting.

I can relate...

That's why my partners and I worked our tails off to find a better way.
We Invested Hundreds Of Hours And THOUSANDS Of Dollars To Create A Solution To Completely
Automate The Hard Work!
It was not an easy process and we had to find a team of developers who've worked for Microsoft™ just to get the job done.

And now we are sharing the tool we've been secretly using "behind the scenes" of our own accounts and clients accounts with entrepreneurs around the globe.

Just look at the results myself, my partners, my students and my clients have achieved by using this technology.
With This Automated Technology You Can Drive Hundreds And Even Thousands Of TARGETED Clicks To Your Offers Every Single Day!
One thing I know is this...

When you have the ability to drive targeted traffic for FREE to your products or services, the income potential is limitless.

You simply need to follow the engagement strategies I mentioned earlier.

Then all you need is something to sell combined with our automated technology.

That is the winning formula.

A winning formula that when implemented correctly can produce months like these....
And days like these...
Now Introducing...
Want to generate more sales and put more people into your business?
It's simple. Put your name and message in front of as many people as possible. Inside you'll have the ability to let the software like photos, comment on photos, follow users, and unfollow users to your exact specifications.
Only interact with your EXACT target audience!
The best part is you get to decide what users the software interacts with on your behalf. From targeting the followings of influencers and brands in your niche, people using certain #hashtags and even as specific as people in certain geo locations... all the way down to where someone has "checked in" by tagging a business.
  •  Target users posting content with specific #hashtags
  •  Target users who follow specific accounts on Instagram™
  •  Target the users who LIKE and / or COMMENT on the content of specific Instagram™ accounts.
  •  Target users or media that have tagged specific geo locations or businesses
  •  Choose to interact with all media (photos or videos) or filter down to only interact with the most recently posted media.
  •  Choose to interact with only media which has at least a certain number of likes or comments (you specify)
  •  Choose to interact with only media which has no more than a certain number of likes or comments (you specify)
  •  Follow any users based on the criteria above
  •  Only follow users with a minimum number of followers (you specify)
  •  Only follow users with no more than a certain number of followers (you specify)
  •  Unfollow any or all of the people you're currently following
  •  Unfollow people who don't follow you back within a specific timeframe that you choose
  •  Unfollow users who haven't been active on Instagram™ within a specific timeframe that you choose
  •  Filter out profiles that are 'bot like', have no profile avatar, no name in their bio, or no description in their bio.
  •  Filter out profiles with less than a certain number of posts
  •  Comment on posts of any users that meet any or all of the above criteria that you set.
I could go on for days and days. Just know that the targeting options inside the software are limitless!
No more wondering if engagement is happening on your Instagram™ profile!
Inside your account, you'll have detailed analytics that show you exactly what engagement is happening on your behalf. There's even a running "log" of activity where you can see specifically what posts are being liked, what users are being followed, and what users are being unfollowed.
You won't have to worry about getting "lost" or being "tech-savvy"
Right inside your dashboard, there's a full training section. These short videos break down each section of the tool one by one so you're not left wondering what you need to do next. Even those of you who are not tech savvy will have absolutely no problem setting this up. It's a web-based tool which means it will work on MAC, PC, or mobile wherever you have an internet connection. No need to download ANYTHING!
So What Makes This Automated Technology Different From Anything Else On The Market?
"Creative Emulated Human Engagement"
That's the "nerdy" way of saying that this tool interacts with other users on your behalf... just like a human would.

Meaning, it doesn't go out in a "pattern" like fashion and do all the activities that you told it to do.

It might like a photo, then wait a few minutes before liking another photo and then leaving a comment.

When it likes photos it might like the 1st, 5th, and 12th photo in someone's profile instead of the three most recent.

This tool was built with artificial intelligence so that when users get notifications that YOU are interacting with their profile, they won't be able to look at it and say "Oh that's being done with automated software"

It will look like a REAL HUMAN.

This helps you have more authentic conversations with interested prospects AND it makes the tool 100% safe to use.

That and all the user and content filtering options we listed above.

This is simply THE BEST.

So what are you waiting for?
Put Your Instagram™ On Autopilot
Choose The Package That Best Suits Your Business!
Just $35 / account
Billed $35 Monthly, no set up fee.
  • Manage 1 Account
  • Over The Shoulder Tutorials
  • Basic Business Education
  • Prompt Support
  • Cancel Anytime
Just $33 / account
Billed $99 Monthly, no set up fee.
  • Manage Up To 3 Accounts
  • Over The Shoulder Tutorials
  • Basic Business Education
  • Access To FB Mastermind "The Academy"
  • Prompt Support
  • Cancel Anytime
Just $21.50 / account
Billed $129 Monthly, no set up fee
  • Manage Up To 6 Accounts
  • Over The Shoulder Tutorials
  • Basic Business Education
  • Access To FB Mastermind "The Academy"
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Access To Social Media Mastery
  • Prompt Support
  • Cancel Anytime
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